4 Questions to Determine What You Need to Let Go Of

When you prioritize what’s most important, instead of what needs to get done, you reduce frustration and increase joy.

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This turned out to be an important reminder about setting boundaries.

It’s all too easy as a creative or an entrepreneur to have no set boundaries around the work which is most important and meaningful to you — perhaps call this the work which brings you the most joy and personal satisfaction. When you don’t establish these boundaries, you are not respecting your values, time, energy, and worth. You are not acting on what’s most important and meaningful to create the life you want to live — literally the life you deserve.

“What sort of boundary will I create to uphold what is most important to me?”

If you are a creative, an entrepreneur, someone who works in the gig-economy, or a business owner, you wear many hats and do a variety of tasks in your work. If you’re pulled in several directions but you need to show up in those various areas of business, the only way you can establish and keep boundaries is to make them public. You will need to tell the people you work with when you are available. This goes entirely against the current Zeitgeist of immediate customer response and satisfaction.

Ask yourself,

”What do I need to let go of and stop doing to spend more time working on what’s most important to me?”

Remember, you need to first decide what’s most important to you before you can answer the four questions related to each work project or task. Once you have completed this coaching exercise and determine where to spend most of your time and what to let go of, you can then close the loop by creating the necessary boundaries to spend more time working on the “one thing” that will make all the difference in your life.

Epilogue: Our brains are pattern recognition machines

If there is anything we wish to accomplish in life, from the smallest goal to achieving a milestone goal, we are always limited to the present moment.

Want to get the clarity you need to eliminate distractions and spend more time doing what you love?

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