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Personal Evolution Processes (P.E.P)

Get clarity, focus, and direction with these processes based on the neuroscience of transformational coaching.

Ken Popert (Image Credit: Adam Coish)

Today’s episode is the result of an intergenerational intersection. As Jeff Iovannone (joining me as co-host) says in the introduction, the work that Ken Popert did while he was a graduate student at Cornell University in 1968 has impacted what students are doing 50+ years later.

Ken’s name kept…

Ro Rose headshot
Image courtesy Ro Rose.

Ro Rose is currently a student at the Somatic Sex Education Institute. They have been working with me for the last four months. I coach Ro around IDEA(tion) — to help them gain Insight, establish consistent Direction, and take efficient steps that are in Emotional Alignment to maintain momentum…

Thanks, Steve, for this thought-provoking article.

Perhaps I can offer some contrasting and complimentary ideas to your thesis about courage that are based in the Tao Te Ching.

Your article made me think of verse 73. The first few lines talk about the mutually arising challenge of bravery, and I'll…

On Wednesday, December 29, I taught this year-in-review process to a wonderful group of people.

A number of interesting and important conversations took place as a result of the questions and what different people shared. We could have easily gone down the rabbit hole to explore the adjacent ideas. It…

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