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Success & Failure, Part II — Why we need to remove the word failure from the discourse of success.

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Success Is Not an End-Destination, It Is a Measure of Progress.

Why your personal truth and current reality kicks sand in the face of positive thinking and affirmations

“Truth” written on a piece of paper laying on the ground.
“Truth” written on a piece of paper laying on the ground.
Photo by Michael Carruth on Unsplash

How gay shame intersects with your ability to feel acceptance, connection, and care — in other words, love.


“What do you believe to be true about a partnered relationship?”

Lachlan Smith on launching the world’s second-only LGBTQ+ cricket club.

Image courtesy Lachlan Smith

Is the acceptance of one’s personal responsibilities freedom?

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You’re daft if you really think someone else knows what will work for you.

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The above are titles that showed up in my newsfeed on Medium, like, just now.

Think Queerly Podcast Interview with Lachlan Smith — TQ182

Listen to the complete interview below:

“We can improve who we are and how we feel about ourselves by accepting our current reality — our current truth — and building upon that truth. Accepting where you…

Think Queerly Podcast — TQ182

Monica — Laura MONLart: Point of Inflection

Episode summary

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