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Why your personal truth and current reality kicks sand in the face of positive thinking and affirmations

“Truth” written on a piece of paper laying on the ground.
“Truth” written on a piece of paper laying on the ground.
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Success & Failure, Part II — Why we need to remove the word failure from the discourse of success.

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Success Is Not an End-Destination, It Is a Measure of Progress.

P.E.P — A Personal Evolution Practice to reframe failure and to move forward with direction and certainty on your goals and dreams.

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This Personal Evolution Practice supports both parts of my Success & Failure article series:

Before We Get Started…

Th-Ink Queerly is back?


it’s taken me a long time to admit that the publication no longer meets my current and future needs. I have been too attached to what was, why I first created it, what it meant to me on an emotional level, and what I had hoped to accomplish. But, with any goal, it’s not about the goal itself, it’s about the journey towards what you planned to accomplish.

What’s Changed?

Success & Failure, Part I — Without a clear understanding of the meaning of “failing” you might feel like a failure.

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What’s your single biggest failure in life?

Musings on creativity, expectations, surrender, and trust in your purpose.

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Why are we afraid of dying?

Why are we afraid of living?

Think Queerly Podcast Ep. 173

Julian Kücklich, Diversity Planet

“Being and non-being produce each other; Difficult and easy compliment each other; Long and short contrast each other; High and low distinguish each other; Sound and voice harmonize each other; Front and behind accompany each…


Part III: Where you stand requires understanding the moral myths that organize society.

Sam Harris give a TED Talk about morality.
Sam Harris give a TED Talk about morality.
Steve Jurvetson: Moral Enlightenment

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