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A Personal Evolution Process to get unstuck and create a simple strategy to easily do what you want and need to get done.

Hands completing a Rubiks cube
Hands completing a Rubiks cube
Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

After writing the above in my journal, my coaching brain was activated. I realized I should create a new Personal Evolution Process (P.E.P.) for myself that would also be useful for others. While reading how this came about, consider something you know you want and need to do, but for whatever reason, you’re not doing it. …

The thing is not the thing: A coach’s perspective on setting meaningful, intentional goals for what they will make of you.

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So, 2020 happened. We all have a story to tell about a year that will be spoken about and analyzed by historians, sociologists, scientists, and political pundits for many years to come.

The usual refrain of, “This is going to be my best year ever,” was not unexpectedly absent, at least from the many article titles I’ve gleaned on Medium. …

Think Queerly Podcast

A Think Queerly Podcast discussion with Canadian author, speaker, musician, and former Dominican Prior, Kelly Walker.

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I am pleased to share this intimate discussion with my cousin, Kelly Walker. If ever there were a person to speak with about the fragile but necessarily formative transitions that happen in our lives, that require both trust and love of the self and others, it is Kelly.

“The grace to live with an inner sense of delight.”

Kelly and I share a purpose in life; helping liberate people and transforming institutions. In our discussion, Kelly shares the wisdom of living life as a celebration. At 79, he is living as a happy elder who accepts himself as (his words) both ‘old’ and ‘older.’ …

A simple journaling process to review the meaningful highlights, milestones, and insights that shaped you and your year.

Paper cutout of 2020 in person’s hand
Paper cutout of 2020 in person’s hand
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What was truly transformative in your life in 2020?

This Personal Evolution Process is about reflecting on the most meaningful events and experiences that shaped you in 2020. You might want to book an hour or two to work your way through this process, and you might want to add to it over the next couple of days as you remember important milestones and insights.

Document and reflect on the events in 2020 for the impact and meaningfulness they brought into your life.

Allow yourself to answer freely and without judgement. Don’t think of this as an assessment of your past year. Consider the facts of what happened, what really stands out, and how those experiences shaped you. Jot down recollections as they come to you and feel free to come back and add more colour. If you think you’re forgetting something, review your calendar and journals to discover forgotten highlights in your year. …

Think Queerly Podcast

A Personal Evolution Practice (PEP)

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One of the biggest mistakes we make in human relationships is expecting others to act in a particular way.

We may expect them to accept and care for us in a way that will satisfy our needs, but that is not something we can control. We may get emotional, angry, or frustrated when people don’t do what we expect them to do.

In the second bonus part of this episode, “Personal Evolution Practice (PEP): Love and Respect,” you’ll discover how to create clear definitions about what the feelings of love and respect mean to you.

Download the Love & Respect Personal Evolution Practice worksheet

=> https://pages.darrenstehle.com/love-respect

Read the article on The Ascent and watch the 2-part video here:

A Personal Evolution Practice (PEP) to get clarity on how you want to be loved and respected.

Multi-coloured heart wallpaper photo
Multi-coloured heart wallpaper photo
Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

Recently, a friend of mine went through a very difficult experience. A couple of people that he cares about a great deal didn’t give him the same level of attention, care, and love — at a time when we really needed support — that he has consistently offered them.

He shared with me what he thought should be “normal human behaviour” and how people should act. …

How to create new traditions or scrap traditions and see things differently.

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Image by Marco Verch

“It’s hard to believe it’s one week till Christmas,” my friend told me over text. “What an odd year. It doesn’t feel Christmassy to me at all.”

It doesn’t have to feel Christmassy.” I replied. “There are no rules.”

“No, that’s true. But it has always made me happy before,” he wrote.

“We’re doing the best to make our Christmas feel festive,” I replied. “I bought some Prosecco. We ordered Christmas Eve dinner from our favourite restaurant, the House on Parliament. …

Personal Evolution Practice

A Personal Evolution Practice (PEP) to manage prediction and response in disruptive times.

Colourful control panel
Colourful control panel
Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker.

In the middle of March 2020, the province of Ontario (where I live) went into official lockdown responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We knew it was coming. Many businesses had already started closing down, going online, and so on. It was just a matter of how severe and what we would or wouldn’t be able to do as per Federal and Provincial guidelines.

Those first few weeks were an emotional rollercoaster for all of us, and not just for Ontario and the rest of Canada, but for the countries that were already in more severe lockdowns like Italy and Spain. …

Getting Clarity

PEP — A Personal Evolution Practice to get the clarity you need to eliminate distractions and spend more time doing what you love.

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Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash

When you prioritize what’s most important to you, instead of what you need to get done, you reduce frustration, increase joy, and experience more freedom.

If you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, you wear many hats and do a variety of tasks in your work every day. If you’re pulled in too many directions but still need to show up in all parts of your business, the only way you can establish and keep boundaries is to make them known to others.

You will need to tell the people you work with and your customers when you are available. The same applies for keeping true to your personal commitments. …

Human Heartedness Newsletter

From passive consumption to personal liberation, impact, and joy.

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Photo by Shane Aldendorff on Unsplash

Since my last update, I realize I’ve published three “How-to” type posts. I admit I’m always suspicious of ‘listicle-posts’ and ‘how-to’ posts on Medium.

From the classic, “How I got 11,345 new followers from one post,” to “How to earn $2,678.72 in on month publishing on Medium just like me,” these posts are always about how it worked for the person writing, and as they say as a disclaimer in most weight-loss or body-building supplement ads, “Result may vary.”

A ‘How-to’ will either be a template — like how to reassemble the camera in the picture above (if you don’t follow the instructions to the letter you won’t have a working camera) — or a more organic approach to potentiating some form of transformation. …

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