What caused you to feel that way and how can you avoid those feelings in the future?

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“How to Create Emotional Recipes for How You Want to Feel — A Personal Evolution Process Webinar.”

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How to get clarity about what you can influence in your own life and why that matters.

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A simple Personal Evolution Process to get clarity about your most pressing challenge — and what you can do about it.

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Think Queerly News — Sunday, September 18, 2021.

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The Tao Te Ching shows how our potential as human beings lives in the possibility of emptiness — TQ199

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The pieces of a chariot are useless
unless they work in accordance with the whole.
A man’s life brings nothing
unless he lives in accordance with the whole universe.
Playing one’s part
in accordance with the universe
is true humility.

Truly, too much honor means no honor.
It is not wise to shine like jade and

A Personal Evolution Process to experience more happiness, freedom, and peace of mind.

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The minute we think we have control, it can be taken away.

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Think Queerly News — Saturday, July 31, 2021.

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For creative well-being to flourish, we need to allocate time and space for re-creation and re-generation.

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“…when you make something, you put it together, you arrange parts, or you work from the outside in, as a sculpture works on stone, or as a potter works on clay. But when you watch something growing, it works in exactly the opposite direction. It works from the inside to the outside. It expands. It burgeons. It blossoms. And it happens all of itself at once. In other words, the original simple form, say of a living cell in the womb, progressively complicates itself, and that’s the growing process, and it’s quite different from the making process.”

— Alan Watts…

The longing for a distant place involves a separation in time and a connection with deeply held emotions.

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“There’s nothing else to make of life except to perfectly define yourself — to perfectly define your own existence. To be so utterly what you are that you can be perfectly perceived by others, which is an aid to them and everything to you. And which is happiness — I guess.”

— Timothy Findley, ‘Journeyman. Travels of a Writer.’

Who you are is who you are.

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