Earlier this week, BFoundAPen published an article entitled “On Leadership: From the Margins”. BFoundAPen is the penname under which Brian Mack writes on Medium.

In the article, Brian calls me a liar, suggesting that I made up an excuse after the fact for removing an editor (and friend of Brian) from my publication, Th-Ink Queerly. When I removed the editor, I did not publicly declare that I had done so because he had disgustingly and very personally attacked a young author who had submitted an article for publication. Nor did I say that to Brian in our private discussion about it.

Brian’s attack on me is part of an effort mounted by the editor’s friends to attack me personally, presumably to somehow protect the reputation of the editor by destroying mine, and also thereby damaging the reputation of my publication, Th-Ink Queerly.

In Brian’s enthusiasm to defame and malign me and make his point, he violates Medium rules by posting screenshots of private communications between him and me without my consent.

Anyone reading that correspondence between Brian and me will see that I acted with the discretion and respect given the relationship between the former fiction editor and Brian.

Rather cavalierly, Brian tagged many Th-Ink Queerly authors, including Benny Phi, in his post about the former fiction editor being dismissed from Th-Ink Queerly by me assuming presumably that Phi and the others would be outraged by my conduct.

I suspect that Brian does not know that Benny Phi is the author that the former fiction editor attacked in such a vile fashion. Benny can attest to the veracity of what I have said.

And it is equally telling that not once in this series of attacks on my integrity has the editor had anything to say. He has not denied my account of what he did.

It would be one thing for the former fiction editor to attack ideas and positions with facts and arguments. It is another entirely for the former fiction editor to use disgusting, deplorable personal attacks on Benny Phi.

I tried to deal with this situation discreetly and respectfully. But I will not stand by and be falsely savaged by these attacks. Nor will I be bullied and silenced by new friends of the editor engaging in this kind of pathetic behaviour.

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