After darkness there is always light (A mindful response to loss).

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Loss is very challenging and there is no preparation for it. It’s an example of how we have to be “present” in life, in so many senses. Not just for those we love, but for who we are.

The only way to deal with grief is to be in it, and at the same time to be aware of how it is affecting you, being mindful to support yourself in a kind and loving way.

Go for a long walk, alone and without your phone.

Go out into nature and purposefully look at the trees and the sky. Notice the temperature of the air on your face. Listen to the sounds all around you. Being present in nature helps to reset a part of our physiology that makes us feel better.

Even in the darkest of times you can take small, self-care actions like the above.

Sitting alone in grief and loss only makes the world darker. We need to work though emotions, not dwell in them.

Consider the etymology (the origin) of the word, emotion, which comes from the Latin verb emovere, meaning, “move out, remove, agitate.” When you sit too long in your feelings you are literally resisting letting them move through you.

Get up, move, and open your sight to the abundance of light all around you. Allow yourself to process your feelings with movement and be grateful for all that you do have in this moment.

Be well

Originally published at on January 5, 2017.

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