All makes sense, Jeremy Helligar, and I enjoyed your post. Wanted to just add that idea into the mix. I guess my way of thinking is that, yes, #MeToo stems from gender, so how can we get to the root of all this in the first place.

I wrote a bit about this in my post, Kevin Spacey, #MeToo, And The Problem Of Gay Shame.

Your post reminded me of times in my 30s when the party scene was huge in Toronto. Men would just touch me, grab me, want to massage my shoulders. While not violent, it was an invasion of my space, and I found it hard to reconcile. On the one hand, there I was, out having fun with other gay men in a sexual charged environment. I was always “polite” when asking someone not to do that, but looking back, I never touched someone without their permission. I had the courage to introduce myself, offer a compliment, but never touch.

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