Are You Blocked From Expressing Your Authenticity?

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Have you boxed yourself into a set of self-imposed constraints or beliefs that hold you back?

Are you living and expressing your most authentic self?

When did you box yourself in?

Do you remember learning how to draw?

Go back in time, to art class in elementary school.

At some point the teacher drew a box on the blackboard. It was simple with only four lines.

Then she blew your mind and drew more lines to the back of the outline to create a three dimensional box.

Imagine yourself stuck inside that box, like a glass box in an art installation.

Who sees you inside that box?

How aware are you of those glass walls surrounding you? Or are you’re walls so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face?

What do you want to change?

I recored this video about a year ago, but it still impacts me. It reminds me of my on-going journey and my un-boxing.

Are you going in circles?

It feels like I’ve been here before and that scares the fuck out of me.

A year has gone by, yet here I am, again, thinking about who I am. Will I matter in this world, and what is it I want to say?

I haven’t been as out, as gay as I could be, and this limits my authenticity.

It’s not that I need to wear a name tag that says, “Hi I’m Darren, I’m gay.”

Rather, it’s about speaking out from my queer viewpoint, questioning the status quo, and not accepting how others want to box me in.

Find out what’s holding you back with these 7 short, insightful, and fun videos and get back to being who you really are!

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