Danielle Boccelli, coming to this post via Phil Zminda, so this is a response to both of you:

Write what you are best at and write from your truth.

But also learn about marketing.

For the later, depending on what you write, that might mean editing in a way that attracts readers or SEO.

But the truth is, you NEED, we all NEED to write in a way that attracts and holds our readers.

So to be super simplistic, do you

  1. write for SEO (list posts, how to posts)
  2. or do you write as craft, and tell compelling stories or essays that people can’t not finish?

And, how do you get a following and make money?

I looked at your profile, Danielle, but where are your articles?

Have you submitted to larger publications (35K) that fit with what you want to write about to get more followers?

It’s about marketing…

Get more followers to your posts based on my super simplistic strategy above.

Build a following then start locking your posts.

This is what I do and what I have learned from Tom Kuegler. I had been on Medium for some time. Then I took his course because I saw the potential of medium but I wanted to fast-forward in time and have someone teach me what I most need to know in 5-weeks, instead of taking a year to figure it all out.

In Novermber I started my own publication Th-Ink Queerly. I now have 200 followers there, with over 763 personal followers. I have a number of writers on my blog, including a post from Phil Zminda and it’s growing. I will now be accepting member-only posts from my contributors.

And guess what?

I am writing what I WANT!

Yes I tag. I tweet the shit out of my work. I use bits of content on Facebook and linked in to create “thought posts” that lead to my coaching practice, or a sign up.

That’s “my business” model.

What’s yours?

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I help human-hearted creatives cultivate their purpose to experience more freedom, impact, and joy in their lives. DarrenStehle.com.

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