Do Americans really understand what theocracy really is?

An important article about the Amy Coney Barrett hearings

“The most awful wars that are waged, are the wars waged for moral principles. You are a lousy communist, you have a philosophy that is destructive to religion and to everything that we love, and value, and reverence, and therefore we will exterminate you to the last man unless you surrender unconditionally. Such wars are ruthless beyond belief. We can blow up whole cities, wipe people out because we are not greedy, we are righteous. That is why the goody-goodies are the thieves of virtue. If you are going to do something evil, do it for a [plain,] honest selfish motive. Don’t do it in the name of God. Because if you do, it turns you into a monster who is no longer human. A sadist, a pure destroyer. So an inflexibly righteous person is not human.” — Alan Watts

This insight from Alan Watts (“Man and Nature, Part 1”) speaks to what we are witnessing with the Amy Coney Barrett Hearings for the United States Supreme Court. The motives of the Republican Senators are monstrous and inhumane based on Evangelical righteousness (specifically Dominionism); an egocentric need for power, control and literally, dominion over all.

For a thorough read that should hopefully cause you to take some form of democratic action to make your voice heard, please read umair haque’s recent article, “I Survived Theocracy. The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Horrify Me.”

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