Excellent article, Tony Fahkry.

The one thing I’d add (from my own experience) is this:

If you are journalling to work through difficult emotions, getting thoughts and feelings out onto paper is good. Even better when done by hand.

BUT, if the focus of one’s journalling is always negative, this can become a problem unto itself.

When I journal, I am always seeking to find a solution, to find my own answers. If I write about a struggle, it’s a means to a positive outcome.

There may be times when it’s “too hard” to see the positive, but you can always use prompts. A page with a list of static questions to answer when you journal. It could be as simple as, “What positive outcome do I want from this challenge?”

Hope this was useful!

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I help human-hearted creatives cultivate their purpose to experience more freedom, impact, and joy in their lives. DarrenStehle.com.

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