Feeling stuck is all in your head

Someone said something really nice and uplifting to me today.

They were words of encouragement that I wasn’t expecting nor seeking.

The words came at the right time, and it was in reference to how I come across on video on my Facebook pages.

But up until I read that comment (in a private group) I was honestly having a fucking shitty day.

I’ve been stuck in my head and I am indeed my own obstacle. I was feeling like a damn charlatan.

None of that is true!

I know the reason why I’m feeling like a fraud.

I’m bridging new territory. In telling my stories on video, and communicating what I believe in (which is how I want to impact the world), I’m learning about myself.

I’m learning about what I know.

I’m learning what I don’t know.

The only way through this is to keep going. Failing breeds success.

Feeling like you suck is all in your head!

I’m reminded of something I read the other day.

Don’t spend too much time dreaming about your goals. Instead, visualize the process. Visualize what you need to do to be productive, today. That keeps you grounded and constantly moving towards manifesting your dreams.

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