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Coach for deep thinkers and creatives. Developing a moral philosophy inspired by the Tao Te Ching. 🎙 Home is


  • Waseem Jan

    Waseem Jan


  • Pip McKay

    Pip McKay

  • Melissa Mauder

    Melissa Mauder

    Hello! I'm excited to begin writing again..theres so many wonderful, sad, eclectic stories to be told in the greatest of detail! Passion+Progression=Writer

  • Alvin.


    Bay Area,Ca • Living life on the edge stoned wondering where I'll eat in the next ten minutes · Owner & Founder of

  • Steven Farmer

    Steven Farmer

    Short bios suck. #WWMBD?

  • Mumina Musings

    Mumina Musings

    Free spirit. Fire heart. Genius mind. Self realize to self actualize. Visit

  • Dr. Floyd Williams, Jr.

    Dr. Floyd Williams, Jr.

    A Leader in Growth Mindset with a focus on Equity, Leadership Development and Teaching and Learning in Education

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