From 1997 to 2004 (I am dating myself) I managed “Cruiseline”, a telephone dating and hookup service for gay man, owned and operated by Pink Triangle Press in Toronto.

We didn’t have the expressed fluidity of gender and sexuality back then, so we had categories like: casual encounters, long term, friends, bisexuals, and leather. We did have a section for “lesbians” that was much smaller.

At one point we invited a number of women from within the company and community to a round table discussion / brainstorming about how to serve the needs of women on the platform. There was no agreement, and the options discussed expanded to such a degree that was beyond the scope of our software at that time. And even though the women at that meeting were excited, there was still a consensus of high touch over virtual.

There may be something more there about men feeling more comfortable expressing their desires virtually than women, but I’m not sure of the social construct for that!

Thanks for this article. Very interesting!

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