There is another part to this story, which has nothing to do with the psychology of the daddy/son. I’ve dated and been partnered with men my age in the past. My partner of almost 6 years is 30 and I’m 51.

I mentioned this article to him and he said if I was in any way a “daddy” we wouldn’t be together. He’s gravitated towards older men, in part perhaps for physical attraction. I prefer younger, but not boys, and not sons. Whenever someo younger whose into me has called me “daddy” I feel my defence mehanism come up. NO WAY!

However, the dynamic I live with is that I don’t find myself comfortable with many men my age who have lead a traditional carrer path. I have so little in common with their life experience. I’m always seeking, trying new things, taking risks with how I build a life and business for myself. Perhaps that’s why I’ve gravited to a younger partner, someone who is still finding his own way in the world.

So my relationship dynamic is probably one about the intersection of life paths, and not a sexualization of daddy/son based on age differecne.

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