Gwen, thanks for your comment. I wish to respond very briefly.

You did express your view to me (in writing) about my comment about the editor’s ethics. You did not take me up on my suggestion for a private discussion. I absorbed and considered what you had to say, both at the time and again now. I disagree with your position.

Of course, no one has property in authors and they are free to do as they see fit. And of course the editor in question is free to solicit them. But in my view, in these circumstances, doing it was ethically inappropriate. Just because something is legal does not make it right.

That having been said, both of us have expressed our views, considered the other person’s position and responded respectfully. That is what reasonable people do. We did not call each other names. We did not threaten each other.

I’m glad you acknowledge that I am entitled to defend myself and respond to Griggs. He did not at first instance, nor in his most recent response, do what you have done and respectfully expressed a point of view. He simply raves hysterically, name calls and threatens.

I do wish to make a second point for you to consider. What I said about the editor, I said in a private group in direct response to a question from a member in that private group. I did clearly say what I thought about the conduct of the editor, but I did not elaborate on it.

Your comment suggests that it is unfortunate there is now a discussion about the ethics of this individual. There is a public discussion of this situation only because that private response by me, to a direct private question, was shared with someone not in the discussion — presumably the editor — who shared it with Griggs, and who then very publicly harassed and attempted to bully me. I had no choice but to defend myself publicly.

So, whoever shared my response, and I ask you directly if it was you, is actually the person who is responsible for this matter becoming public, and for creating a public situation requiring a response to harassment, name calling and bullying.

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