Hi Dave,

I enjoyed both parts of this series, for your honesty and self-awareness.

A concern about your statement, “The solution is to give my life away.”

You many know what you mean by that, as may I, but I think there is another way of saying what you mean.

Giving one’s life away could be seen as an act of ego. If you give away your life, how are you actually helping another person?

But, if you get clear on who you are, what you love, what makes you cry cathartically, what makes you dance without inhibitions, what makes you love another person blindly, then you open up to seeing the gift, the potential, the light in others.

To give your life away, if you mean that literally, feels like you are extinguishing your potential impact.

When you give your “self” away, what is there then left to serve, help, inspire, influence, love another?

Without your “self”, there is no you to give away…

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