Hi Edgar robert, thanks for your response. There are a number of challenges with this issue.

One, those people who call out men who are more in tune with the so-called feminine energies, characteristics, mannerisms, etc. This is taught and learned, no thanks to the dominant patriarchy.

Two, many gay men label, call out, make effeminate gay men feel bad for “who they are” on apps like Grindr, IG, etc. That’s inappropriate, disrespectful, and displays ignorance.

Three, is there an issue with being a gay man and preferring more the masculine, or preferring more the feminine? No.

Four, self-awareness and self-reflection is useful to get to the root of where this come from in you. Examples: where you taught to “man up”, “be a man”, “acting like a girl” from family, friends, TV, etc.? Has that been internalized and made you feel like anything feminine is somehow “wrong”?

All things to consider.

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