How Can We Understand Gender Within the Fluidity of Human Nature?

Thinking Queerly: 52-Weeks of Critical Reflections On Liberating Humanity — Week 2

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All Humans Are a Part of Nature

Everything that is born of nature is natural.
There is no right or wrong in nature.
That is the natural order of things. As in nature, gender expression is natural and like water.

An Invitation to be a Very Impactful Queer

How can we and how do we understand gender? Perhaps the question we need to ask instead is, “What is gender?”, followed by, “What are ways to describe gender?”

Here’s a hint: I have used the metaphor of water to describe gender, with the word, ‘fluid’.

Observe any person you would categorize as a ‘man’. What do you know about that man? Are they (another subtlety here: notice I said, ‘they’ and not ‘he’) a cis-male or a trans-male? Both of those terms are descriptions that have become more prevalent in the last few years as we are broadening the discussion and understanding of WHAT gender means. But what are the ways that you used to make that determination?

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