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My Daily Manifesto on the Think Queerly Podcast — Ep. 156

Darren Stehle
Darren Stehle

They are not affirmations, they are not my purpose, nor are they future-based outcomes. They are statements of facts that I see demonstrated in my daily actions. The statements are not about trying to reach perfection or making goal-based proclamations. Instead, this is about speaking my truth into reality and in the present moment.

For example, when I say that I’m a calm person that is true, but also, sometimes I’m not. For my well-being and for how I create myself every day, I realize that if I’m not calm that only means that I am not paying attention. Perhaps I have fallen off track, become distracted, or I’m not doing something that is an active and necessary element of my manifesto — perhaps I haven’t been taking care of my health — that has resulted in me not feeling calm.

Listen to today’s episode of the Think Queerly Podcast to hear me share my personal manifesto and how I use it to create freedom, prediction, and direction in my life.

Have you ever started a project and not finished because you lost motivation? Are you uncertain about what goals to focus on and why? Are you struggling with making a difference and don’t know why things aren’t working out for you, watch this short video:

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