How to Go from “This Sucks” to “This is Easy”

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“I invite you to try easy…”

He was talking about how difficult we can make things for ourselves and in our lives. He’s currently living in Thailand where it’s hot and humid. He’s not used to the climate for longer runs and found himself looking less forward to running in the heat. He found himself complaining.

While you’re running, if you are thinking, “This is so hard,” “It’s too hot,” or “My knees are aching,” your run is going to fucking suck!

(Feel free to insert any other activity in you life where you tend to complain a lot).

I’m not advocating running through pain. If, for example, your knees are aching, then to do something to improve your joints.

There is a tremendous difference between observed physical pain, that could cause injury, and mentally constructed discomfort.

Ask yourself, “How can I make this experience easier?”

Currently I work out in the mornings, getting to the gym around 7:30am. It’s not the best time for my body. I could use more time to wake up and become more mobile, but this is the time when I know I will get it done. It also primes me for my day.

There have been a few mornings since it’s become colder when I’ve thought, “FUCK ME it’s so cold outside! I don’t want to go out.” That’s an easy thought to make easier with: “Wow, it’s cold! This is gonna wake me up and I’ll be itching to hit that treadmill so I can warm up!”

Environment influences behaviour

I can pop on my headphones. Cue the 80’s, some New Wave, and walk-dance my way to the gym listening to “Third Uncle” by Bauhaus. Music is a terrific external influence to prime and influence attitude and performance.

Most times when I hit that treadmill I’m still stiff in my legs. “UGH this is hard. My back is tight. My feet feel heavy.” Well now, this is shitty self-talk isn’t it?

Change what you see

I ask myself, “How can I see myself running lighter? How can I run more aware of how things are moving?”

With this mental switch, I pay attention to my foot strike and the best speed to make running easier. I notice if I’m lifting my knees enough which also helps. I focus on keeping my abs and butt contracted to protect my back.

When I ask some form of, “How can I make this feel easier,” it’s not that difficult to come up with simple, immediate options.

This simple switch in thinking makes a profound difference!

If you’re only noticing how shit you feel, you haven’t asked! Instead, you’re living in default mode.

If you don’t like how you feel, change how you think

It’s easy to say something it too hard.

“Running was such a struggle this morning. Let me tell you all about it…”

That’s a complaint.

When you ask yourself, “How do I want to feel” you change your perception.

You can move from too hard, or a struggle, to “This will be an interesting challenge.”

It’s a subtle shift in mindset that brings you into the present moment.

When you think someting is too hard you’re future projecting failure.

But when you shift into the present moment you can ask yourself, “Is this how I want feel?”

Then ask, “How can I make this easier?”

Feel lighter?

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