How to Let Go of Being Right to Be Who You Are

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

Needing to be right is not who you are.

In this episode I look at why we often go on the defensive about what we believe to be right, why we attack so easily when confronted with something we don’t agree with or believe in, and what that says about who we are.

Below are the key quotations I reference from the podcast, Ram Dass Here and Now, “Reality of Who We Are”, episode 86.

“You only try and protect your position when you don’t have much faith in where you’re at. Just like you only come on to other people, about their position, when you don’t have much faith in where you’re at.”

How can you have true compassion to leave others alone to where they need to be?

“A compassionate being is what he or she is, creating a space in which other people can be what they need to be, not what you want them to be.”

Not needing to be right changes how you protest.

“You’re no longer flamboyant in your protest. Your protest is somewhat more effective because you less define yourself as them.

On choosing to look inward, without fear of what you may find.

“Constantly seeking the external hit because you’re afraid fully to confront your possible bankruptcy. Because your model of yourself has in it so much unworthiness, that you’re afraid that if you really stopped and looked, and “be-ed” it would be too ugly, too frightening, it wouldn’t be enough.”

Originally published at on September 20, 2018.



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