I don’t think this man should be eulogized in any form.

Direct from his website:

“It must be emphasized that even if a biological predisposition to homosexuality in some people exists, it would not change God’s opposition to the behavior. Neither would it change the fact that through the transforming power of Jesus Christ freedom from sinful behavior is always available.”

He may have been a great orator but he was spreading hatred and exclusion.

I might argue that the problem is not faith, rather it is religion and the secularization of faith(s) and belief(s). When the few in power mis-read, mis-interpret, and choose what passages from various “books” to stand upon and preach from, they are creating, through repetition, lies and falsehoods to serve their own needs.

We do not need mass-religious events like the BG Crusades. They all tend towards some form of cultism.

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