I totally understand where you are coming from, Enrique Fiallo!

Writing for me is about creating from my own experience. You might find it interesting to look up the etymological definition of the work, “Author.”

mid-14c., auctor, autour, autor “father, creator, one who brings about, one who makes or creates” someone or something, from Old French auctor, acteor “author, originator, creator, instigator” (12c., Modern French auteur) and directly from Latin auctor “promoter, producer, father, progenitor; builder, founder; trustworthy writer, authority; historian; performer, doer; responsible person, teacher,” literally “one who causes to grow,”

In writing we bring forth, we give birth, we dare to expose our truth.

Writing is like life-blood for me. I’m happiest and most fulfilled when doing it, even if it’s my private journal, my morning pages, with one of my fountain pens and a quality well-bound hournal.

I think I would go mental if I couldn't put pen to page, or record my thoughts on my computer. :-)

Helping deep thinkers & creatives cultivate their purpose & uniqueness to enjoy more peace of mind, acceptance, and freedom. DarrenStehle.com.

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