If Fear Is the Mind Killer What Is Its Opposite?

Cover photo by Giuseppe Milo

The fewer fears we have the more open-minded and accepting we are of possibilities and variations in all aspects of life and humanity.

The evils in the world stems from fear.

The opposite of fear is love without judgment or expectation.

It is not love to say, “The Bible teaches us to love the sinner but not the sin.” That’s not love, it’s hypocrisy. It’s a statement based in dogma, which is a form of control based on the fear of otherness.

Love without expectation or judgment sounds like this,

“You are different from me and I do not understand. Would you help me understand you, so I will be less afraid and not judge you for who you are?”

Step far enough back to see your fears for what they are.

How can you this work for you?

The only enemy of love is fear.



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