If noticed a lot of gay men (on Grindr) who would appear to leave “safety practices” in the hands of their partner. I’ve read profiles or messages to the effect of,

  • “I’m on Prep so whatever you want.”
  • “I only fuck raw. I’m on prep.”
  • “You’re clean, right?”
  • “It would ruin the mood if you used condoms.”

I’ve found it’s become increasingly difficult to have sex with other gay men who will agree to using a condom. They either claim to be on Prep, or ask if I am so they can get fucked bare.

And in Ontario, Canada, at least, generics ONLY came out earlier this year. I would see all these 20-somethings last year claiming they were on prep. How? Blackmarket… and do you really want to leave a life or death choice to the blackmarket?

It is… very complicated!

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