jakewc2 to be blunt, you are chosing to focus on the problem (a situation based in the past) and not the solution (a present moment action).

When you focus on a problem, the problem we/you have is that you get stuck. You get stuck because your focus (in this case) is on what has happened in the past:

  • amazing posts
  • overwhelming
  • I have not been one to write much
  • I was terrible at it at school
  • to write for somebody else to read I just go blank

How do you shift your thinking into action, in this case, to write?

First, accept that you will always have fears and self-worth issues around writing. They are there. Let them be.

Second, practice morning journalling, or writing at a time of day when you like to write FOR YOU, and for you writing.

It sounds to me that you might need to start writing for you. I mean why else would you write? I write for me. It’s a selfish act to express ME, myself.

But when I decide to publish, I look at my writing from the reader’s perspective. How can I make this easy for them to follow (pretend you are a teacher speaking to a young child)? How can I better edit my piece so that I’m impressed with what I wrote.

Third, give yourself a goal and timeline. Can you committ to writing, simply as a personal practice, for 15 minutes every day? Who cares if it’s shit, you simply have to write for 15 minutes then check off the box. Do this for 2–3 weeks.

Fourth, review what you have written at the end of your practice. Pick one piece or an idea and write a post.

Fifth, publish it somewhere. Here, Facebook, via email to a friend.

Want to become a writer? You can practice writing, or you can make excuses, but until you press “publish” nothing will change.

So go back to the start of my response. See! 5 steps. All I’m doing is offering a possible path for you to practice writing. To help you feel better about the process. With practice comes improvement. With more practice comes the confidence to publish.

Respond to this after you have written for 5 consecutive days.

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I coach deep thinkers and creatives in cultivating their purpose to experience more freedom, impact, and joy in their lives. DarrenStehle.com.

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