jakewc2 you should pat yourself on the back! :-)

You wrote 3 posts in a row!

I suggested you write 5. You chose to make that your goal. You took action. You did the work. You got 3 out of 5! WOO HOO!

Now, I’m not making silly. I am having fun, but for good reason. Let’s compare this to setting a financial goal in business. I’m self employed so if I create a product, like a course, I set good, better, and best outcomes. Let’s pretend I choose $1,000, $1,300, and $2,000 as good, better, and best. Now I have a range. As long as I reach my “good” goal I have succeed.

What happens if I only make $500? Well this is where every goal is different. In the case of the course, I might still run it, or I can postpone it.

Writing is fewer variables. You write or you don’t. You committed to 5, BUT at the same time you are also working on a habit, as well as an outcome.

What I believe is more important to you is that you wrote. Full stop.

Are these posts you can edit an publish? You wrote 3 so which one do you feel best about?

Going forward, focus on the habit of writing. Give yourself a clean slate mindset. If you miss a day, start again tomorrow. If you don’t write at your usual time, can you sit down later and write?

Keep a journal. Review it for your ideas.

What are you interested in? Make notes as you watch a show, listen to a podcast, or read a book. Review those notes often and consider writing something based on that.

Lots of ideas here.

Can you come back with one or two steps that would feel good for you, even if they scare you a little bit?

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