Liberating Your Mind: Break Free from Unexamined Beliefs and Free Your Mind in 3 Steps

Transformative growth begins by critically exploring your beliefs and enhancing self-awareness.

Darren Stehle


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Everything in Life Evolves and Transforms

If you want things to stay the way they are, you are holding on to an illusion.

We are not static beings. Approximately 330 trillion cells in your body are replaced every 80-days1, creating a new you. We are constantly transforming, unaware of this simple fact of nature.

If our physical bodies are in a constant state of flux, why do so many of us persist with rigid, unchallenged patterns of thinking?

Why do we desperately cling to ideas as unchangeable?

The more rigidly we enforce fixed ideas, the more they become tradition, dogma, ideology, and various forms of prejudice that damage human dignity.

Often, these ideas and beliefs function as a common good morality to unite people together in the form of tribes, societies, and countries. The less often thoughts and fixed ideas are challenged, the more narrow and limited the group’s perceptions. This results in a fear of evolutionary change and a refusal to accept the nature of things at face value.

Most people are seeking some form of order in their lives.

Our brains are searching for patterns.

From these patterns, we create predictions and responses that help us to make meaning, and to make sense of our environment — and the world. If you’re not a practiced critical thinker, following someone else’s orders (rules, dogma, and religion) simplifies your life, and alleviates you from asking questions about the meaning of life and the nature of existence.

In other words, your safety depends on someone else’s patterns of prediction and response.

Things at rest never stay at rest — unless they’re dead.

Homeostasis is a state of settling, calming down, and not changing that is temporary.



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