Natalia Martínez Casas you are a piece of garbage.

“For Christians, homosexuality is a sin as bad as adultery, lying or killing someone.”

The above is patently false. Being gay is as bad as killing someone? Really? Show me the verse in your fucking bible.

“The baker did not make that decision because the couple was gay,”

Your logic is corrupt. The baker make the decision because he has documented history of homophobia. Baking a cake for two people, gay or straight, is not participating in anything other than a business transaction.

You can argue that point until you are blue in the face but it will be nothing but false logic.

Do not defend bigoty.

Do not defend the right of someone to discriminate.

All you are proving to other is how afraid you are of living. That you have no mind of your own, no moral courage, no moral compass.

You and people like you are not following god’s path. There is no god’s path, because there are too many fictional gods. There are hundreds of versions of bibles written and re-written by men who want to control you, take your money, and control the world.

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