Patrick Gothman, thank you for this post!

What was utterly disgusting about the “catholicvote” video was the way it copied “coming out” videos. Fuck the people who produced this manipulative piece of misanthropic garbage.

The saccharine nature of the production standards, the swelling, emotive music, and yet another gentle slow nailing in the living, breathing, queer hearts of living, breathing HUMAN BEINGS.

“Oh, don’t worry about the pain, we love you.”

“I love you so much, dear queer people.”

My love for you will I display with crocodile tears of soft bigotry, embellished by my insecurities, ignorance, and lack of moral character, all wrapped up in an eyes-to-camera-heart-felt honest respresentation of my truth.

Translation: their truth is more true than yours, dear queers.

This is why we STILL need to be loud, proud, and in your fucking face with our queerness!

Queer today, and queer tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere and I will not be silenced.

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