Robert Davidson I recall that “bug chasers” showed up around the same time as “bear culture” started emerging in Toronto. This would have been sometime very late 90s or very early 2000s.

For many, the mindset was, “I’m gonna die/get HIV at some point anyway so might as well get it over with and have fun.”

For others it was too much pressure worrying about getting HIV that they simple went out looking to contract it.

It’s neither right/wrong, but it has much to do with human nature, needs, and from a neuroscience perspective, how are ancient brains control most of our actions, and are always seeking comfort or protection.

What drives me nuts now (no pun intended) is all the people on Prep who won’t use condoms and also won’t have sex with guys who want to play with condoms. I do hope this is not the start of the next drug resistant strain or future plague.

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