Roy Cook I concur with what you are saying about the “10 values”. What I’ve found useful is to distill those into your top 3 (maybe 4) core values. This has a number of powerful benefits.

My top three are freedom, well-being, and transformation. I have this printed out on my wall to the left of my computer. Under each core value, I have an italicized list of 4–6 values that support the core value. I then have a short paragraph that puts into action how I live and express that core value, which also speaks to the “sub-values”.

Having just the 3 makes it very easy remember and to ask, “Should I be doing X?”, or sometimes more importantly, “Why am I not enjoying doing this…”. I ask, “Does doing X satisfy my value of…” and I review the three. It’s an elegant, yet simple process, as I know you know!

You might enjoy my latest podcast in which I dive into how to discover your life purpose, and why I will do that process before determining my core values.

Happy holidays to you!

I help human-hearted creatives cultivate their purpose to experience more freedom, impact, and joy in their lives.

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