Sam, nice to meet you, I’m having trouble following the logic of this response.

I do not think/agree we can replace words for comparative purposes. Sometimes it will not work, e.g.

“I don’t believe in religion.” That’s simply wrong. Religions exists. Saying you don’t believe in religion is the same as saying you don’t believe in toast.

Finding alternative words is one way the “alt-right” has re-conditioned even the liberal media to no longer call a spade a spade. If you’re KKK or Steve Bannon, you are not alt-right, you are rascist and prejudiced to the core. We have a responsibility not to sugar-coat their truth for their benefit.

Not sure if what you wrote was in reference to how I broke down “faith” into 3 types:

  1. Faith that you will accomplish something — for which alternative words work, like: I have faith this will work out; I believe I will get a new job; I trust that Trump will be impeached (haha could not resist).
  2. Faith in a higher power/energy/god, etc. This means I have faith, I believe in something that is the realm of the spiritual. Faith is simply belief without reason. There may be a logic to your choice, but you can’t prove/reason the existence of a higher power (I realize THIS last point will be contentious for some).
  3. Faith based in religion. For me that means you “believe” what your secular religion tells you. I purposefully use secular, since based on my observations, things go wrong with one person (a cult leader) or a power structure (The Roman Catholic church) interprets “texts” in ways that serve the power of the organization or the leader.

Does this help?

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