Sam, nice to meet you, I’ve had to sit on this comment for a couple of days because it rubs me the wrong way… NOT because of you, and NOT because of what you wrote. Instead it’s something I am still working out, in the sense of how to express what bothers me so much about “religious-based faith.”

There are several types of faith:

  1. Faith that you will accomplish something.
  2. Faith in a higher power/energy/god, etc.
  3. Faith based in religion.

There could be more, but this is a framework I’m currently working with, and hope to build into an article.

#3 is what scares me. #3 is where so much goes wrong with religion.

Worst case scenario people are brainwashed, people are lied to. And what is a lie in religion? A personal interpretation of a fanatic who starts a cult, a new following, a new sect, claiming that his (is it ever a she?) way is the way of god.

As soon as faith becomes “organized” (Churches, groups, religions), we have an us vs. them dichotomy.

I’ll stop here, since I don’t know where I’m going with all this, just yet.

But, thank you for your last line. Last year on a walk I had some very Zen-like thoughts come through me. One of them was this:

I am a non-spiritual messenger.

I wrote about that here:

So thank you, again, for engaging with me. You are making me think queerly! :-)

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