Sam, nice to meet you, the one thing I’d didn’t see in your article (unless I missed it) was the possibility that “God” made you as you are SUPPOSED to be. And that perhaps this is the challenge of your own personal growth.

Full disclosure, I’m an atheist (and former Catholic). My interpretation of things I’ve read in the bible years ago is that,

If god made the earth and created humans in his (his?) image, then are you not god-like? As in in the image of god, and therefore how could who you love be wrong?

The wrong comes from humans and the words they’ve written down, over thousands of years. Translated, mis-interpreted, mis-used… books acceptable, passages removed. Where is the “truth” in the scriptures?

To wrap, what I’ve written is not to challenge your faith, nor meant to be in any way disrespectful. My response is based on the way in which you may or may not look at your faith, based solely on what you’ve writen here.

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