“One More Way All Religions Could Be True”

Semantically this title is challenging for me, and I plan to write about this under a different subject matter.

First, I’m not challenging your article. :-)

The wording, “religions could be true” is problematic, IMHO. Here’s why:

  • Religions exist as a system and an ideology. That much is “true”.
  • What each religion stands for, ideologically, while BELIEVED by some, is questionable as a “truth”.
  • What I think is caught / lost in the semantics of this is “spirituality” and a belief is something that we cannot fathom; something as simple to state like “the complexity of the universe may never be accurately described.”
  • Faith is different from religion, which is also different from ideology.
  • Faith and religion can exist independently. I can have faith that I will achieve my goals. I can have faith that there is no cis-white-bearded-god who lives on a cloud.
  • I can’t “believe” in a religion. Instead I chose (or am indoctrinated) to believe the tenents of a religious ideology, just like I might chose to follow, and support a political party.

I can probably come up with more bullet points but I’ll stop! HA! But thank you for this article, because I think one of the many challenges with religion vs. faith is our use of language, and the ignorance of how language is used to manipulate and control those for ideological purposes.

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