Spot on, Kalpesh Mange. Someone else said to me that my “Living OUT the best of you” project applies to all; specifically, “Have you left the best parts of you in the closet?”

Sure “out” and “closet” speak to LGBTQ identities, but we have all left parts of us hidden away. We all bring forth parts of ourselves that we were afraid to share with others.

What’s lovely is that you recognize the VALUE of human experience and identity, as opposed to being limited my dogma or ideology.

And thank you for the nudge and compliment on my poetry. I haven’t written anything new in years, but having unearthed these tomes of days past, I would like to give myself some creative time and licence to play… that is, when I’m not editing, writing, supporting, and growing Th-Ink Queerly!


Helping deep thinkers & creatives cultivate their purpose & uniqueness to enjoy more peace of mind, acceptance, and freedom.

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