T-Minus 15 Minutes To Lasting Change

This is an excerpt from my latest free eBook, The Four Steps To Solve Your Problems Guide.

You only need a few steps to make lasting, positive changes in your life. These steps are not complicated. The process doesn’t require reading a 300-page book, taking an 5-week online course, or days of getting ready to get ready.

There’s only one catch…

You need to take action, which is the hardest part of change.

To take the “right action” you need to know,

  1. What you want to change, and;
  2. What you are going to do to make that change.

Change is a fact of life.

All change requires action. For a chemical process to happen an action needs to take place — add vinegar to baking soda and you watch it bubble and foam. To make your life better, no matter how small the change, or the size of your goal, you need to take action — consistent, persistent, and frequent action.

I’ll show you how taking action can be easier than you’d expect. The secret is to keep your actions as simple and as small as possible. It’s easy to master the small things first. Then layer more habits and practices on top of what you’ve successful accomplished or mastered.

The best part is that you can get started with this process in about 15 minutes — once you’ve finished reading this problem-solving, action-oriented guide.

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Introduction to the Four Steps

How to action your thoughts into positive, long-lasting change.

You only need FOUR steps to change and improve any part of your life. In sequential order, these steps are:

  1. Identify your biggest obstacle, problem, or challenge, right now.
  2. Identify one habit or behaviour that will work towards solving your challenge.
  3. Practice that new behaviour every day until you master it.
  4. Repeat this process, not your past.

Step 1 — Identify your biggest obstacle, problem, or challenge, right now.

The first step towards change involves flexing your mental muscle, that wonderful organ that sits between your ears. Ask yourself, “What’s the greatest obstacle that’s blocking me from getting what I want?”

Is it,

  • Success in business;
  • Financial freedom;
  • Improving my health and fitness;
  • Spending more time with my partner, my kids, my dog, or;
  • Spending more time doing what I love or am passionate about.

Look in the nearest mirror.

Who do you see?

SURPRISE! It’s you! It was always you. “You” are your greatest obstacle. I know, that sucks. No one else to blame for your problems but you. Am I right?

Watch this fun, short video I made about the biggest obstacle in your life.

An obstacle may seem like something outside of yourself and therefore out of your control. NEWSFLASH! The obstacle is always you! When we perceive something as insurmountable, it will be, and that’s how a fixed mindset operates.

You see, if you think you can’t change you’re not giving yourself enough credit. Instead, think in terms of, “It’s not that I can’t change. I just don’t know what action I need to take, right now, to make that change happen.”

“The past few months I’ve been exhausted. I want more of everything — more personal time, more success in business, etc. etc. I’m only 24, so it’s insanely difficult for me to get grounded and understand what I need to do. Darren’s book was like a revelation to me.

Who knew that working through your problems is actually pretty simple? It’s simple when you think of it in the way that Darren laid out. You figure out what you want to do, find your biggest obstacle, and then work on one new habit that will help you surmount that obstacle. Just one.

Simplicity makes for the greatest teacher. And Darren cuts through the B.S. to get to the center of why we can’t accomplish what we want to accomplish. For that, I’m insanely grateful. His book really helped me understand what I need to do in navigating this crucial year of my life, and the steps I need to take moving forward as I travel to Southeast Asia, get started on YouTube, and take my business deeper into 2018.”

- Tom Kuegler

Download your free copy of the Four Steps To Solve Your Problems Guide.

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