Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Yocheved Rotenberg.

Let me break down your theory and explain why it’s wrong.

My belief is that people are not fearing the bigger picture. This is an issue of homophobia within religion. This is an issue of fear of the other in American society right now.

And yes, fear of the other includes Muslims, Blacks, Jews, and anything else that is not white or Christian.

Of course I forgot one of the most prejudiced groups right now: LGBTQ.

Consider this theory: the Christian baker will most likely bake a cake for a Muslim. Why? Because they are both believers.

But your theory is racist. Read what you wrote and I will quote:

“By siding with the Christian baker, who most likely will not turn violent…”

The only logical conclusion from your statement is this:

Christians are not violent, but Muslims are. That propagates the false reality that an entire group of people are violent.

By thinking this way you are part of the bigger problem.

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