Thanks for your response, Sam, nice to meet you! I know this can be a challenging topics for so many of us.

Have you read The Church and the Homosexual by John McNeill?

In the book he offers three core arguments or theses to refute the traditional stance taken by the “Christian community.”

From the website:

1. He opposed first of all, the view that God intends all human beings to be heterosexual, and that homosexuality therefore represents a deviation from God’s divine plan. Based on years of intensive research and modern biblical scholarship, he demonstrates that there is no clear condemnation of loving homosexual relationships in Scripture. As McNeill explains… “Homosexual orientation has no necessary connection with sin, sickness, or failure; rather it is a gift from God to be accepted and lived out with gratitude… Human beings do not choose their sexual orientation; they discover it as something given.”

2. The second thesis of The Church and the Homosexual is that homosexuals, rather being a menace or threat to the values of society and the family, as right wing conservatives and politicians have assumed, have special gifts and qualities and a very positive contribution as a part of God’s creative plan, to make to the development of society. “Indeed, if lesbians and gay men were to disappear, the further development of society toward greater humaneness would be seriously endangered.”

3. In the third thesis of the book, McNeill argues that the love between two lesbians or gay men, assuming that it is a constructive human love, is not sinful…it can be a holy love, mediating God’s presence in the human community as effectively as heterosexual love. “Every human being has a God-given right to sexual love and intimacy.”

It’s an important read!

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