There Is No Space Between Us In The Gap

The Living OUT Podcast — LOP053

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Today’s episode takes the form of a meditative thought experiment.

An awareness came through me this morning while moving in my fitness routine. My mind was open to the subconscious drip of what I had experienced and witnessed over the weekend. I had been contemplating — without attachment — how to express the beginning of a new perspective.

Exercising first thing in the morning is an opportune time for my mind to float like the the air above a body of water. Metaphorically, the air is my thinking / logical brain, and the body of water is my sub-consciousness. The space where the two meet is the gap.

The gap is that place in mediation that is often called non-thinking.

This is very different from “not thinking”. To best understand “non-thinking” you need to experience it from within the gap. One can’t teach it. You can talk “around it” so that when you experience it, you will know.

The gap is a place where we can free ourselves of the bonds of how we perceive reality — our world — as outside or other from us. Our perceptions are the constructs of logical thinking, that come with limitations and a need for opposition, polarity, and binary explanations.

Today’s episode is something different and unique for you to enjoy. I ask that you only simply listen, allowing the sounds of my words to enter your consciousness, not as words limited by narrow definitions, but as possibility.

Enjoy this unique “Conscious Meditation on the Gap”.

When we experience the space in the gap as the true nature of the universe, we will no longer see duality.

Originally published at on January 22, 2019.

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