This line of thinking, on it's own, is illogical. First, becuase you cannot know what the intentions were of the individuals who participated in the mob, what the plans were by those who organized, and what happens when group-think takes over a mob-mentality. The fact, yes, the fact, that Giuliani and Trump used very clear language to cite mob viloence is found in public tweets and facebook posts.

That being said, shots were fired. Computers were stolen. Had the ballots NOT been removed, what might have been the reaction had any one or many seen the ballot boxes in the open, free for the taking? We cannot presume anything of what did not happen.

But to be so blind as to make the claim that the possibility of the mob not doing anything is preposterous is both illogical and a lack of critical thinking based on observable facts, from the entire event itself, and everything that led to the event.

What happend what nothing short of sedition.

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