To be clear, I said nothing about your feelings, nor did I tell you how to feel. If we want to be clear about what I wrote, we can both see that clearly. I can hear your upset and frustration in your last message and I respect that you have interpreted it in this way.

What I am seeing everywhere and with everyone is how difficult it can be for us to communicate, especially in cases when individuals are trying to share and express something from the heart about their otherness. They may or may not be aware of the offence or upset they cause in what they say. And especially more so when we “eat our own” within the LGBTQ dis-community.

We are all ignorant.

You are ignorant.

I am ignorant.

There will always be things we do not know. We cannot know everything.

There is a distinct difference between being naturally ignorant about something and realizing you need to do the self-work to figure things out, and choosing to harm others with intentional bias, prejudice, or racist statements. My feeling, my impression, is that the line that you found hurtful was not written with the intent to cause malice or damage.

Is that a place from where we can start a new conversation?

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