To Optimize Productivity, You Need Lists, an Agenda, and a Calendar. (Here’s How All 3 Work Together)

Darren Stehle
2 min readApr 21, 2022
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Efficient productivity is the skillful completion of what you planned to accomplish.

If you’re a creator, the more efficient you are at brain-dumping and organizing your ideas, the more easily you can show up to complete your most important projects and goals — and get paid!

Unfortunately, many people are not effectively using the most efficient productivity tools resulting in not knowing what to prioritize, showing up late, and feeling overwhelmed.

To be an efficient, productive creator you need to master managing tasks, projects, and appointments.

You’re probably already using one of these productivity management tools:

  1. Lists
  2. Agenda
  3. Calendar

Each one involves a different thought process to skillfully manage and allocate your energy to optimize your focus, clarity, and productivity.

Here’s how to utilize the potential of all three to go from planning to completion:

Lists: Clear your mind

When you record your ideas as lists and organize them into projects and tasks, you remove a cognitive load from your brain. This frees up energy to focus on the task at hand, knowing important items have been recorded, managed, and allocated.

Agenda: Daily recipe

Your agenda is a forcing function to do a granular deep-dive and create your daily recipe. The ingredients (from your lists) are action steps, notes, resources, reminders, meeting times, etc. The method comes from getting clarity about what to do first, in what way, and for how long.

Calendar: Bird’s eye view

Use coloured blocks to signal to your brain the energy and focus required for specific tasks. Schedule what’s most important: personal and business appointments, new habits and routines.

The power of three.

Each tool allows for a specific kind of thought process, planning, and organizing. Together, they function like a completed recipe, the outcome greater than the sum of each ingredient.

This is how you optimize your productivity to enjoy more peace of mind and freedom.

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