Well said, Sean Stephane Martin. This article is deeply trapped within the confines of the status quo and language policing, unwilling to see around the use of the word “fuck” in language. All words have meaning. Some words more so than others. Some words are removed from language (post WWII Germany); some words will get you arrested (many deeply ideological countries).

Fuck, as a word, has tremendous value. Of course if someone uses it all the time, their speech becomes boring, but far be it for uptight, self-righteous, I’ve-got-a-PHD and never say fuck to declare using a single word indicates a lack of intelligence. That’s pure ellitism.

In North America, as far as I know, we all have to right to freely express ourselves within our linguistic capacity, with the words we have in our mental database. Many of the “anti-fuck” comments in this thread are missing a universal truth: things change. Society changes. Morals change. Language changes organically. Semantic word fields expand.

Just like smoking used to be considered healthy and recommended by doctors, or women were relegated to the home to raise children and have a cocktail in hand to give to her man when he came home from work, scientific understanding and social constructs change.

Fuck, as a word, is a glorious expression of how all things change. The weighted meanings of the word and its now considerable pedestrian usage are a perfect example of the flexibility of language and how we seek to be understood.

The meanings of words sometimes change dramatically when expressed within a cultural vernacular. Think, “woke”, “bad”, “the shit”, and so on. This is the beauty and elegance of language.

So the next time you find the casual usage of the word, fuck, unsettling, perhaps check your confirmation biases at the door. Just because the people you hang with object to its usage, doesn’t mean you need to give a fuck.

One last thought. I often find those who most object to the regular use of the work, fuck, are too tightly wound up and simple need a really good fucking.

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