What are you going to remember when you’re on your death-bed?

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What regrets are holding you back?

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What holds you back?


Maybe you made the choice to be a successful business person, or to build a company, but you’ve let your health go in the process.

Maybe you decided that you don’t deserve to be in a relationship because you’re too focused on your career or because of your weight.

Or maybe because you grew up with similar circumstances to mine.

I was in the closet until I graduated from high school in 1984. Being in the closet during those formative teen years, shaped who I am today.

It’s probably why I question everything, why I’m introspective, and often lost in my thoughts. Being inside my head is an escape from the outside world.

Stuck in my head isn’t creative or helpful. Ideas are useless unless applied and offered in a way to help others. I need to come out of my intellectual box that keeps me deep in thoughts, but not sharing and utilizing them.

We are all unique.

What starts first as a thought can manifest into the physical world as art, a service, a product, or a movement.

If, like me, you’re a deep thinker, who can you share your ideas with, today?

Will you declare, today, that you will do things differently going forward?

For me, I’m still forming the long-term vision and plan of what I want to accomplish with Th-Ink, my writing, and my coaching. I know it involves health, well-being, mindset, personal growth, and the freedom from oppression and inequality.

But just because I’m still planning for the future, doesn’t mean I’m not taking action today.

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