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There’s often a mental battle going on in my head.
It’s something that I’ve learned to manage.
I’ve had the need and desire to get to a place
where I know with certainty what I’m doing.

But what is certainty?
I’ve been looking for the missing piece
that will make my business grow.
But there’s no missing piece.
It’s not a piece of software
a person, or a system.
It’s nothing external.

What will make my business grow is what’s inside of me.
I need to trust and know that I can succeed
and believe in myself.

“Action is the great restorer of confidence.”
This my coach said to me, quoting someone else.

“Trust + Inner Knowing + Embodying the Belief + Taking Action”
That, another coach and friend, said to me.

I get stuck in my head
ideas swirl around like a vortex.
I worry about what I need to do
What I can’t do
What I should do.
I worry about money.

I’m always learning about my inner story of money.
Things I learned as a kid.
Things I’ve learned growing up.
Things that were simply not true.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You have to spend money to make money.”
“You have to work hard to make money.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”

I have struggled with money.
With holding onto it.
With spending more than have to invest in my business.
With not knowing how to charge for what I’m worth.
With not having a clear message
or understanding of what I have to offer
which makes it hard to sell.

Money is a story.
Money is a thing.
Money is a concept.
Money is an exchange of value.

Abundance and prosperity are a mindset
a perspective,
a way of looking at the world
a way of seeing potential, creativity, and growth.
What’s right in front of you
what is deep inside of you is abundance.
You only have to see it in that way.

I have a home
a loving home that I share with my partner.
You could have all the money in the world
but if love and companionship are what you want most
money offers no comfort.

Someone once said
“Would you rather live in a castle all alone
or have a love affair in a tent on the beach.”

– Darren
The Flex Your Mind Project

Mark Whitehand invited me to play and take part in “The 30 Things About Me Experiment.”

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