Why Do LGBTQ+ Activists Persist in the Fight for Their Rights?

Untenable Podcast Episode: Embracing Diversity and Challenging Prejudice

Darren Stehle


Image courtesy The 519.

LGBTQ+ rights activists tirelessly champion the cause of sexual and gender orientation equality.

Why? Because deep down, they know there is absolutely nothing wrong with who they are, how they feel, how they present themselves, or whom they love. The motivation to stand up and protest against injustice stems from a simple yet profound belief:

Anti-LGBTQ sentiments are fundamentally wrong.

All forms of prejudice, whether they are inherited from society, tradition, religion, politics, or family, often go unchallenged and unquestioned.

They are beliefs, instilled consciously or unconsciously, and they lack any factual basis. There is no quantifiable, empirical evidence that being queer or trans is morally or scientifically wrong. What exists instead are belief systems founded on flawed or lazy thinking.

These belief systems can lead to emotional harm and physical violence, often endured throughout the lives of queer individuals.

The Root of the Issue: Systemic Prejudice

Many social systems, including religion, politics, and family structures, have been built upon long-standing traditions and mythologies.

These traditions hold significant sway over both emotions and rational thought. However, this influence cannot be used as an excuse, especially when there is no scientific substantiation for individual prejudice. Every argument put forth by a prejudiced individual is subjective and belief-based, lacking a basis in objective reality.

No harm has ever been caused to society by someone identifying as anything other than straight.



Darren Stehle

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